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Our wine, whisky and spirits department specialises in all kinds of fine and affordable wine, champagne, port, whisky, Madeira, cognac and more. From popular brands to forgotten producers, spirits and wines are rising in value.

In recent years, the market has witnessed a massive surge in demand, notably from China. With uncertain stock markets, this sector has grown by 70% in the last five years.

From a single bottle to an entire cellar, our experts will find the best way to market your items. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection or find the perfect bottle for a special occasion, we’ve sold some incredible items.

Highlights have included the sale of a cellar of port from an historic stately home, and a single-owner collection of whisky which totalled £27,000.

Time does different things to wines, whisky and spirits. For some it alters the taste, creating smoother, more exciting or desirable flavours. Red wine is an excellent example of this as it improves with age.

Spirits and liqueurs made from herbs, fruit or things like coffee or chocolate can create exotic flavours over time. Because of this, Chartreuse, famously made from 130 herbs, plants and flowers, is sought after because of the exciting flavours it creates.

For whisky and old spirits that are well-sealed and stored, time should not affect the taste. Buy with us and you could discover what a drink tasted like decades or centuries ago.

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We hold specialist Wine, Whisky and Spirit Auctions throughout the year.

Wines, Whisky and Spirits

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