Medals and Militaria

The entire history of the world can be told through wartime and military objects.

No matter what your item is, every piece that comes into our militaria and medals department reveals fascinating aspects of some of the most important moments in history and often tell a deeply personal story.

Our militaria and medals department covers a full range of items and collectables, from cap badges and buttons, diaries and log books, helmets and uniforms, through to binoculars and compasses, edged weapons and firearms, tribal weapons and ethnographica.

Each object reminds us of the real people who fought wars as they celebrate and remember those people, their battles, their sacrifices, experiences and accomplishments, bringing forgotten stories to life.

To find out more, or arrange a free valuation, please email William Hayward: [email protected]

We hold specialist Militaria and Medals Auctions throughout the year.

Medals and Militaria

Medals and Militaria Team Members