Fine Paintings

Fine art plays a pivotal role in the antiques world, bringing to auction all manner of exquisite pieces that are judged on their beauty and place in history.

As well as paintings, fine art includes an extensive array of objects including everything from sculpture, metal wares and miniatures through to tea caddies, architectural pieces and everything in between.

As well as being beautiful and great to look at, the world of fine art is rich in history.

Over the years, Hansons has handled some impressive and unusual fine art pieces. For example, a Walenty Pytel model of a large textured unicorn sold for £1,250.

Fine art is an incredibly varied department that covers objects from all manner of art movements and styles. With such diversity, it’s the perfect place to find an exceptional piece.

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Fine Paintings

Fine Paintings Team Members

Adrian Rathbone

Adrian Rathbone

Associate Director & Head of Fine Arts

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