Coins and Banknotes

For at least 3,000 years, people have been using currency in all its forms for the exchange of goods - and it holds a deep fascination.

Each society and time-frame has different forms of currency offering a window into the past. For example, in Western Europe, metal coins started to appear in 650 BC and were stamped with city marks.

To this day, currency is continually changing around the world and countless variations, rare, limited addition and unique finds crop up all over the world.

This constant evolution of coins and banknotes sparks widespread interest and we sell everything from single coins to entire private collections.

From early examples through to modern-day currency, coins are a buoyant sector of the auction market. Our widely respected Coins Department, with William Hayward at the helm, holds major auctions three times a year, attracting both national and international enthusiasts.

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Coins and Banknotes

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