Asian Ceramics and Works of Art

Hansons specialises in the diverse beauty of Asian art and ceramics in all its forms.

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Himalayan art is celebrated by this department, which sees a wide variety of objects including metalwork, sculptures, netsuke, furniture and more.

With pieces spanning history, from modern 20th Century objects to the Neolithic, Qing and Jomon periods, every item has a story just waiting to be discovered.

The current strength of the Far Eastern market, where works of art and antiques are being bought back to their homeland, has led to a rapid increase in the value of items.

Promoting items worldwide and selling two-thirds of Asian arts objects into Asian markets, this department has achieved some amazing sales. For example, a rare Chinese Qianlong vase fetched £650,000 at auction and a Chinese plate dating back to 1723-1735, which has a replica in the National Museum of China, sold for £230,000.

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Asian art is included in our monthly Antique & Collectors Auctions & our quarterly Fine Art Auctions.

Asian Ceramics and Works of Art

Asian Ceramics and Works of Art Team Members