Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register to bid?

You will need to register if you intend to bid in one of our auctions. Full details on registration and bidding can be found on our Buying from Hansons web page.

‘Will Hansons accept anything in for auction’

Hansons’ Valuers and representatives have sole discretion in what they deem suitable for auction and will adhere to quality control.  They may reject items which in their professional opinion are not suitable for sale through Hansons.  They will be happy to advise alternative methods of sale/disposal.

Do you take furs?

We do sell furs. However, certain endangered species such as leopard must have been made prior to 1947.

Will you be able to clear all of the stuff in a house clearance?

Hansons will clear a complete house. However, unsaleable items will be disposed of and may include the hire of a skip. Any equipment needed for disposal of goods would be chargeable.

Do you do valuations for inheritance tax purposes?

Hansons offers a full inheritance tax valuation service and charges an initial fee of £120 and then £80 per hour.

Do you do valuations for insurance purposes?

Hansons offers a full insurance valuation service and charges an initial fee of £120 and then £80 per hour.

Do you provide a probate valuation service and how much does it cost?

Hansons offers a full probate valuation service and charges an initial fee of £120 and then £80 per hour.

Do I need a probate valuation?

If you are unsure about whether you need a probate valuation, it would be best if you consult with a solicitor first. Once confirmed you need a probate valuation we would be happy to provide this for you.

What items can’t you ship?

Rules on shipping can be quite complicated and vary from country to country. You can find comprehensive details about what we aren’t able to ship by visiting our Postal page.

Can you ship fragile items?

We run our own postal department which is able to ship a wide variety of items. Comprehensive information about shipping can be found our Postal page.

How many items can I bring to a valuation day?

‘Our valuation days often get extremely busy, especially at the beginning, so as a matter of common courtesy to our other guests, we ask that clients bring a small selection of items to these events.  If you have a large number of items, please contact us and we will be happy to advise’

How much is a home visit?

We don’t charge for home visits, providing that you are looking to put items into an auction.

What are your charges for sellers?

Our commission charge is levied at 15% + 20% VAT on items valued up to £10,000; and on lots realising in excess of £10,000, our commission charge is levied at 10% + 20% VAT. Lots will attract a lot fee of £5 + 20% VAT per lot for Antiques and Collectors, Decorative Art and Specialist Auction consignments, or £10 + 20% VAT per lot for Fine Art Auction consignments. Insurance (Damage and Loss Warranty) will be charged at 1.5% + 20% VAT of the hammer price on all sold and unsold lots.

What are your charges for buyers?

A buyer’s premium of 20% + 20% VAT is payable in addition to the hammer price. Please note VAT (charged at the current rate) is payable on the premium only. A minimum lot charge of £5 + 20% VAT applies. Other details on buying, including charges related to using online buying services through Hansonslive and can be found on our Buying from Hansons web page.

Will Charles be auctioneering?

Charles aims to act as the auctioneer at some point during our auctions. However, we’re not able to guarantee any specific time when he will be on the rostrum.

Is there a valuation day near me or do I need to come to Etwall?

We hold regular valuation days at many locations around the country. Visit our Valuations page where you will find a map indicating our venues. We also list valuation venues by county beneath the map.

How can I watch a live auction?

All our live auctions can be viewed online by visiting or on the day of the auction; the latter service handles multiple auctions, scroll down the list on the right hand side of the screen and find the Hansons Auctioneers & Valuers link - click on the link and when the page loads click on ‘Watch auction’; a separate window will open, click on the ‘Video Available’ button to view the auction.

When will the auction results be going online?

We normally aim to have the results of our most recent auctions on our website within two days of the end of the auction.

Do you have to book an appointment for a valuation day?

The majority of our valuation day events don’t require you to make an appointment. However, some of our specialist valuers do work by appointment only. Please check our Valuations page for further details.

When are your valuation days?

Hansons holds regular valuation days at our offices at Etwall as well as other locations throughout the Midlands and beyond. Details of our venues and dates can be found by visiting the Valuations page on our website