The auction room offers truly unique and memorable experiences.

Auctioneering draws excitement, drama, passion and theatre into one experience that entertains and captivates right down to the very second the gavel sounds.

Led by our very own television personality Charles Hanson, a familiar face on shows like Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, we do our utmost to make every auction as memorable as possible.

The ever-present buoyancy, atmosphere and spark in our saleroom generates a platform which creates keen enthusiasm among our buyers.

Balancing a strong private pool of collectors and trade buyers with a global audience, there’s no better place to find or sell the perfect antique item.

We have been privileged to see many exciting and quirky objects go under the hammer at Hansons, such as a rare Chinese Qianlong vase which sold for £650,000, and a piece of toast from Prince Charles’ breakfast tray, presented on the morning of his wedding to Princess Diana.

Hansons has achieved record figures for the sale of historical letters written by Admiral Lord Nelson and generated global interest in items including a pair of Queen Victoria's bloomers, which sold for £5,000.

Injecting a personal touch and a little bit of love into everything we do, we help uncover the unique history and story behind every single item.

Bringing these stories to life, we bring a sense of wonder and joy to the mundane and see every day as another opportunity to find something new and unexpected.

**Occasionally, we may have filming or photography taking place in the Saleroom during auctions, please read our Privacy Policy for further information.**

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