Rare Pokémon video game could sell for £1,000 – and buyers are already in hot pursuit

Posted on 14/04/2021 in Press Coverage

A rare Pokémon video game uncovered by Hansons could sell for more than £1,000 at auction.

The find, described as ‘very exciting’ by David Wilson-Turner, head of the Toy Department, is a boxed Nintendo Gameboy, Pokémon Red version, sealed, 1998, rare and unopened.

It’s heading into Hansons’ July Toy and Gaming Auction with a guide price of £600-800 but a single tweet about the find sparked major interest from potential buyers in America.

Game so rare

Research revealed it was an early production of the game. It has a slightly different box to the more common later edition. Unfortunately, the box is slightly damaged but David is still anticipating a hammer price of £1,000.

The find is a strong reminder that gamers are now major players at auction. In June 2020 David noticed gaming-related items, such as vintage consoles as well as games, were suddenly selling for big prices.

And this new find couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, the highest grossing media franchise of all time. From cards to games, the Pokémon craze has increased two-fold since in lockdown. Rare single cards can sell for prices heading up to £100,000.

Gaming and Pokémon items are invited for Hansons’ July 22 Toy and Gaming Auction. For a free valuation, email: [email protected].

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