Rare Chinese fan could sell for thousands of pounds at Hansons London

Posted on 29/03/2021 in Press Coverage

An important Qing dynasty Chinese fan is expected to sell for thousands of pounds at auction at Hansons London in April.

Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons London, said: “The fan, which was made in Canton, is a very technical item featuring detailed calligraphy which defines its quality and placement in the arts market. Dated Wu Shen, it was crafted in the 34th year of Guangxu in 1908. It’s also dated the eight-month, autumn, and is signed Liao Ting.

“The text is a combination of excerpts from chapter 29 of a book of poems complied by Qing scholar and official Shao Songnian, who was born in 1848 and died in the 1920s.

“Her book of poems, titled Hai Yu Wen Zheng, was published in 1905. Poetic detail can also be seen on the reverse of the fan which depicts Taoism landscapes and natural sceneries.

“A fan bearing the name of its artist, Liao Ting, is quite a rarity, not much is known about him, but we expect this exquisite item to make up to £10,000.

“I thrive on Asian art and Hansons has witnessed several important results over the years. In December 2020, an Oriental vase reached £200,000 and one of our house record results was for a Chinese blue and white Chen Lung vase of the Qing dynasty which made £650,000.

“The market for Asian art is strong, not just across the important porcelains of imperial China, but also among lacquerware and other important objects, including fans by named artists.

“Provenance and quality entwine to encourage strong bidding, often among wealthy Chinese clients who wish to repatriate works of art to their homeland.”

The fan will be sold in Hansons London’s two-day Spring Fine Art Auction on April 24 and 26. To arrange a free valuation of all types of antiques, jewellery or silver, contact Hansons London director Chris Kirkham: [email protected]. Free home visits and virtual valuations are available together with probate advice and quotes for house clearance/downsizing services.