Star Wars toy prices could reach for the stars in the saleroom

Posted on 20/01/2021 in Press Coverage

Vintage Star Wars toys have long since been in hot demand at auction and that’s set to continue in 2021.

Interest is already strong in Star War lots in our February 5 Toy and Railwayana Auction and that could mean prices will soar into outer space when the live auction battle begins.

For example, collectors are in pursuit of lot 4130, 80 Star Wars figures including Nien Nunb, Gamorrean Guard, Rebel Commando, Weequay, Tusken Raider, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo among many others. Estimate £600-£800.

Thanks to Hansons’ close proximity to the former Palitoy factory in Coalville, Leicestershire, which manufactured Star Wars toys, we have handled major collections and rare finds, sometimes found languishing in the loft by former factory staff.

The toy sector is booming so if lockdown reveals some interesting finds, do get in touch. We are inviting entries of all kinds of items including railwayana, Hornby, Dinky, Corgi, Star Wars, vintage video games and consoles for our April 22 Toy Auction. For a free toy valuation, email [email protected].

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