Cracking discovery – a dinosaur egg has been found in Derbyshire

Posted on 07/08/2019 in Press Coverage

A cracking find has been discovered in Derbyshire – a dinosaur egg.

The fossilized egg, which is around 65 million years old, arrived at our Etwall saleroom for valuation.

The vendor bought it from Fortnum & Mason in London 20 years ago as a gift for her son and you can’t help but get that Jurassic Park feeling when you examine it.

Oval in shape, it measures roughly 16cm x 13cm and nestles nest-like in an impressive presentation box. It enters Hansons’ August 27 Historica Auction with an estimate of £500-£1,000.

Fossilized dinosaur eggs are extremely rare but Hansons has sold one previously for £2,000.

Paleontologists often dig up dinosaurs bones but dinosaur eggs less so. That’s because an abandoned nest would have attracted predators - or the eggs hatched.

Nevertheless, they are discovered. Nebraska in America has yielded numerous clutches. One of the most famous clutches, found in central Asia, belonged to a fossilized velociraptor mother, probably buried by a sudden sandstorm as she was brooding her eggs.

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