Gold prices skyrocket to 6-year high - so it's a great time to sell

Posted on 25/06/2019 in Press Coverage

If you have any gold jewellery or coins gathering dust at home, now’s the time to sell as prices have reached unprecedented highs, according to auction experts.

And that means the price you could achieve at auction, where both dealers and private collectors compete to buy, is likely to exceed your expectations and beat scrap gold prices.

Helen Smith, head of jewellery at Hansons Auctioneers, said: “The current uncertainty in the world’s economy has driven the price of gold up to its highest level in six years. Prices are rocketing and that means it’s a very good time to sell your gold jewellery or coins.

“Many of our clients are genuinely surprised at how much their old, discarded and sometimes broken gold jewellery sells for at auction.”

Gold charm bracelet sold for £1,160

David Byrne, jewellery consultant at Hansons, said: “Gemstone and diamond jewellery have a market of their own but when it comes to plain gold items, people often say they didn’t think their old items were worth anything at all. Sometimes they don’t even realise they have some gold. We often pluck gold objects out of boxes of costume jewellery.”

Ms Smith said: “We’ve witnessed impressive prices in the last couple of months, such as gold charm bracelets and chains achieving hammer prices of well over £1,000.

“Standard investments in property, stocks and shares and currencies have been failing to deliver the returns hoped for. Gold is seen as a reliable physical option which regularly outperforms all other forms of investment.

“So, if you have unwanted gold jewellery or coins tucked away at home do bring them to Hansons for free valuation. Now’s definitely the time to maximise your profits.”

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