Hansons' FREE valuation days in Scotland - everything you need to know

Posted on 13/05/2018 in Press Coverage

Hansons Auctioneers has spread its wings into Scotland to offer a host of free valuation events - and the first one has been hailed a huge success by antiques expert Roo Irvine.

Roo, who has appeared on TV’s Antiques Road Trip, was on hand to do free valuations on behalf of Hansons at Abbotsford House, Abbotsford, Melrose in April. And she’ll be back there again on various dates throughout the year.

Roo said: “The good people of Melrose didn’t disappoint, bringing in much-loved items ranging from Oriental ceramics, and beautiful, oversized Dresden vases to vintage jigsaw puzzles and Romany jewellery. It always amazes me to see the sheer diversity of antiques that are hiding away in people's homes.”

“My heart fell for an intriguing piece of Romany jewellery, owned by the last ‘Gypsy Queen’ in this particular family that spans back 300 years. Often, it is the story behind an antique that takes my breath away. In a culture that celebrates women, it is a very sweet, romantic piece to find and I am blessed to have handled it.

“We must always remember that someone’s junk, is someone else’s treasure. You might think an item is ready for the bin, or have it collecting dust in a box somewhere, but you may be sitting on a small fortune - perhaps life-changing.”

Roo, supported by husband Mark, will be carrying out valuations at the majority of valuation days planned for Scotland. A host of different charities are supported by the events. Valuations are free but donations are invited for the venue's respective charities.

Hansons’ valuation days in Scotland

Abbotsford House, Abbotsford, Melrose TD6 9BQ
Second Wednesday in each month, 11am to 2pm
Charity supported: Abbotsford Trust
12th September, 10th October, 14th November – Valuer Roo Irvine

Buccleugh Arms, The Green, St Boswells, TD6 0EW
Second Wednesday in each month, 11am-2pm
Charity: My Name’s Doddie Foundation
13th June, 11th July, 8th August – Valuer Roo Irvine

Eastgate Arts Centre, Peebles, EH45 8AD
Third Wednesday in each month, 11am-2pm
Charity supported: Royal Voluntary Service
18th April- Valuer Emma McMillan
16th May, 20th June - Festival), 18th July, 15th August, 19th Sept. 17th Oct. - Valuer Roo Irvine

Jedburgh Woollen Mill, Edinburgh Road, Jedburgh, TD8 6EB
Last Wednesday in each month, 11am-2pm
Charity supprted: Cash for Kids
27th June, 22nd August, 24th October - Valuer Roo Irvine

Moffat Mill, Ladyknowe, Moffat, DG10 9EP
Last Wednesday in each month, 11am-2pm
Charity supported: Cash for Kids
23rd May, 25th July, 26th September, 28th November - Valuer Roo Irvine

Items can be entered for sale at Hansons Auctioneers, Heage Lane, Etwall, Derbyshire. To find out more, visit or call Donald Young on 07473 165842.

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