6 amazing finds show why its vital to get treasures valued - and KATE BLISS can help

Posted on 27/04/2018 in Press Coverage

People are being urged to delve deep to uncover jewellery, watches or silver that might be valuable after a week of ‘amazing’ finds including a ‘junk’ ring worth thousands.

Bought at a charity shop for a fiver and thought to be cheap costume jewellery, it was identified as a gold ring featuring a 2.30 carat diamond. It’s now set to go to auction with an estimate of £7,000-£8,000.

It was unearthed by Hansons Auctioneers’ senior valuer Sonia Jackson at a free valuation day. She said: “The ring (below) was found by a lady in a plastic tub marked ‘junk jewellery’ in a charity shop. She paid £5.50 for it last December and only bought it along to be valued as an afterthought. She was convinced it was fake because the stone was so big. It’s set to be sold in our Fine Art auction in June.”

More ‘amazing’ jewellery and watch finds this week have prompted TV celebrity Kate Bliss, who will be offering free valuations at Hansons in Heage Lane, Etwall, on May 3, to urge people to ensure they’re not sitting on unidentified treasures too.

Kate, a regular on Bargain Hunt and Flog It!, said: “There are so many beautiful items gathering dust that could bring people a welcome windfall. Do get them checked out. Come and see me and I’ll be happy to advise.”

Among items found by Hansons valuers during a bumper week of finds are a 1940s/50s cocktail watch bought at Sotheby’s from the estate of comedian and film star George Formby in 1964. The 14 carat rose gold watch (image above right) brims with rubies and diamonds. It has an estimate of £500-£700.

It was found by Hansons valuer Isabel Murtough who said: “Perhaps it was bought by George Formby to give to a member of his family. It comes with the original Sotherby’s sales brochure and is very special. A chance to buy some vintage celebrity style.”

Also found by Isabel this week were a Victorian gold, diamond and enamel bracelet from circa 1880, estimate £1,500; an 18 carat gold pocket watch from 1901, made by M Alexander of Edinburgh, estimate £500-£700; gold chain with masonic fob, estimate £300-£400, and a vintage diamond and emerald brooch, estimate to be decided. All are destined for Hansons’ Fine Art Jewellery Auction on June 28.

Isabel said: “These amazing finds keep coming and I’d advise anyone with similar items to pop along to see us at Hansons. We may have some very good news for them.”

Kate Bliss will be offering free jewellery, watch and silver valuations at Hansons Auctioneers, Heage Lane, Etwall, Derbyshire, on May 3, from 10am-4pm. No appointment necessary.

Every Tuesday, jewellery expert David Byrne is available from 9.30am-4.30pm and silver expert Victoria Sheppard from 10am-4pm. Hansons’ head of jewellery Helen Smith is available on Fridays from 10am-4pm. Items are invited for Hansons Fine Art auction until June 1. To find our more, email [email protected] or call 01283 733988.