8 amazing pieces of jewellery that will REALLY treat your mum

Posted on 08/03/2018 in Press Coverage

Flowers and chocolates are all very well but chocolates get eaten - usually way too fast - and flowers fade away. If you really want to treat your mum on Mother’s Day - or any time for that matter - why not choose a gift that will last a lifetime?

Here, Hansons’ head of jewellery Helen Smith picks out some beautiful pieces coming up for auction in March, with estimates ranging from £50 to thousands, with a particular focus on the new must-have accessory, a brooch.

Chinese charmer

This Chinese enamelled silver and turquoise brooch (below right) with a cloisonne motif and a border of rough cut turquoise stone is really striking. Brooches are very much back in vogue and there is gorgeous, collectable piece. Estimate £60-£80. For sale March 15.

Victorian classic

Some people may be a little surprised to learn that this is Victorian as it looks quite contemporary. It’s a 9 carat gold and citrine brooch (above left). It may not be very own but many people would love to be given an antique brooch. Estimate £60-£80. For sale March 15.

Pewter perfection

This Arts and Crafts pewter brooch (below right), inset with possibly blue jasper, is simple and striking with a modern edge.Estimate £50-£80. For sale March 15.

Artistic touch

Cameo brooches (above left) are miniature works of art in themselves, often carved in cornelian shell and depicting classic scenes. Their origins date back to ancient Egypt. They were made popular by Queen Victoria so have a very classic feel. The large cameo Victorian brooch, set in gilt metal, has an estimate of £30-£40, the medium brooch, mounted in 9 carat gold, is £70-£80 and the small cameo, also in 9 carat gold, is £40-£50. For sale March 15.

Two for the price of one

This contemporary looking 14 carat gold and diamond brooch (below left) can also be worn as a pendant. Estimate £150-£200. For sale March 15.

Amber beads

Amber beads (above right) are very hot news right now, popular and gaining in value. These egg yolk yellow/butterscotch beads are coveted right now. Amber is hard translucent fossilised resin originating from extinct coniferous trees of the Tertiary period, typically yellowish in colour. It has been used in jewellery since ancient times. Estimate, £300-£500.

A real showstopper

This black opal – yes, we know it’s blue – is rare and highly valuable. It’s an exquisite and quite large jewel with a translucent, shimmering quality. I can’t imagine any women who would not be extremely grateful to receive this as a gift though it will not come cheap. Estimate £2,000-£4,000. For sale March 22.

Ice, Ice baby

These ice blue diamond earrings (above left) are as eye-catching as they are beautiful. Diamonds can come in different colours and this striking shade of turquoise catches the light and shimmers with elegance. Estimate £800-£1,200. Buy them on March 22.

Hansons Auctioneers, in Heage Lane, Etwall, Derbyshire, holds monthly jewellery and silver auctions, the next one being on March 15, starting at 10am. Viewing available on March 12, 10am-4pm and March 13, 11am-7pm. It also holds a regular Fine Art Jewellery and Watches Showcase, the next one being on March 22. Viewing Sunday March 18, 2-4pm. Entries are always invited for future jewellery auctions with free valuations available Monday to Friday at Hansons. On Tuesdays, jewellery consultant David Byrne offers free valuations from 9.30am-4.30pm. To find out more, email head of jewellery Helen Smith, [email protected]