From Dubai to Derby – ‘Extraordinary’ collection of art from Middle Eastern property for sale

Posted on 05/02/2018 in Press Coverage

Madonna’s autographed satin glove and Beatle John Lennon’s shirt are among an eclectic mixture of hundreds of antiques and collectables which have arrived in Derbyshire from the Middle East.

The celebrity items, which also include a boxing robe signed in silver ink by Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, are among around 200 lots from a property in Dubai.

They will be sold at Hansons Auctioneers’ Antiques and Collectors Auction, which runs on February 15-17 and 19-20, 2018, at their Etwall saleroom, near Derby.

Charles Hanson, auction house owner, said: “From John Lennon’s shirt and a Mike Tyson-signed boxing robe to Madonna's glove, the shirt and gloves will soon be off for a battle of the bids.

“It is an extraordinarily eclectic mixture of items, gathered over many years by a Middle Eastern collector. As well as the celebrity items, there are paintings, modern art, statues, furniture, fine silver and a veritable Armada of around 18 giant model battle ships.

“This is a larger than life, bold collection with a modern twist and it will appeal to anyone who would love a statement piece for their home.”

Madonna’s signed glove, mounted and framed, comes with a backstage pass for the Drowned World Tour 2001 and has an estimate of £100-£200.

The John Lennon shirt was gifted to Kerry Collingwood during the Beatles’ Australian tour in Brisbane in 1964. It has an estimate of £4,000-£6,000.

Meanwhile, the framed boxing robe signed by Tyson and Holyfield, framed with images including a fight between the pair, has an estimate of £200-£300.

The ‘Armada’ includes detailed large-scale models of several ships including the 19th century windjammer ship, North America, (estimate £500-£800); HMS Endeavour (£200-£300); HMS Sovereign of the Seas (£200-£300) and HMS Victory (£200-£300).

Meanwhile, furniture lots include a Louise XV style kingwood and brass mounted writing desk (£150-£200); George II style mahogany fold-over games table (£80-£120) and Art Deco-style writing bureau (£80-£120).

Art works include an oil painting of Henry VIII (estimate £200-£300), a Battle of Trafalgar oil on canvas (£80-£120) and a 17th century English portrait of a cavalier (£400-£600).

Statues include a bronze fountain of Jack and Jill with a pail of water (estimate £400-£600), a bronze Eagle (£150-£200), statue of a boxer boy (£200-£300) and a brass statue of a man with a guitar (£80-£120).

Silver collectables include a George IV silver teapot from 1824 (estimate £400-£600), a George III silver hot water jug from 1809 (£400-£600) and a Victorian Christening jug (£100-£150).

Quirky items include a giant vintage Coca-Cola sign featuring a girl on the telephone saying ‘I’ll bring the Coke (estimate £100-£200) and a City of London Lord Lieutenant’s coatee with epaulettes, silver belt and bicorn hat on a stand (£150-£250).

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